Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pearl?

Pearl is a social app that encourages connection and earning between content creators and fans. Creators and fans can post photos and videos of what they do best while sharing in each other’s success. And, it’s all ad-free.

What is Early Access?

Early Access is a limited time period when we're offering Pearl exclusively to people on our waitlist before we release the app to the general public. We created Early Access so we could dedicate time and resources to making the best experience to enable creators and their communities to create and share on their own terms. Join the waitlist to be invited to our Early Access here.

What are Creator Coins? What's the benefit of holding one?

Creator Coins are a new currency made for creators to connect with their communities and to reward fans. Users can buy a creator’s Coin as a way to back a creator, show support, connect, or gain access to any perks a creator offers.

Coin holders are also listed on a creator’s public coin holder list, building an engaged community of fans and holders that all support a creator. Creators can create value for their coin holders by enabling recurring Subscriptions and rewarding holders with Royalties.

How do I buy a Creator Coin?

DESO cryptocurrency is needed to purchase Creator Coins. Don’t worry there’s no crypto experience required. You can easily purchase DESO on Pearl’s 'Wallet' screen, verifying your identity, and connecting your bank account. After purchasing DESO, head to your favorite creator’s profile, select the 'Coin' tab, then select 'Buy'.

How is Creator Coin price determined?

A Coin’s price is determined by a pricing curve, influenced by a couple of factors including the number of a creator’s Coins in circulation and the price of DESO cryptocurrency. For an in-depth explanation of how Creator Coin values are calculated, please reference documentation from the DeSo foundation here.

How do I subscribe to a creator and access exclusive content?

You can access a creator’s subscriber exclusive content, by buying a creator’s Subscription from their profile page. You can purchase a subscription for $4.99 monthly. After purchasing a Subscription, you have access to all of a creator’s historic exclusive posts and future posts for as long as you’re subscribed.

How do I cancel a subscription?

To cancel a subscription, head to your profile settings, select 'Subscriptions', and select the subscription you’d like to unsubscribe from. A pop-up will appear and you will be directed to your iOS settings to cancel your subscription. After canceling, you’ll have access to your subscription for the remainder of the 30-day period.

What are Royalties? How do I earn them?

Royalties are a share of a creator’s Subscription sales that are distributed to a creator’s coin holders. To earn Royalties, you must own the Creator Coin of a creator who has enabled subscriptions. Creators earn 80% of their subscription revenue while the remaining 20% is distributed in Royalties, proportionally among their coin holders. For example, a user who owns 4% of all of a creator’s Coin will earn 4% of the total Royalties distributed

How can I cash out from Pearl?

You can withdraw your earnings and funds from Pearl at any time. Go to your 'Wallet', select 'Cash Out' below your total wallet value, and select the amount in USD you’d like to withdraw. After your transaction is processed your withdrawal will appear in your account in up to 3 business days.

What is DESO/DeSo and what does it have to do with Pearl?

DESO (short for ‘decentralized social’) 
is the native cryptocurrency powering the DeSo blockchain, which Pearl is 
built on. The DeSo blockchain is an independent, open source, and highly scalable chain that aims to make social media more open and trustworthy. DESO cryptocurrency and its blockchain are what keep Pearl ad-free, all the time. No need to worry, there’s no crypto experience needed on Pearl.

On Pearl, DESO is used for purchasing Creator Coins. You can do the basics without DESO, like posting content and following creators, but purchasing DESO allows you to experience Pearl to its fullest (and at its best).

To learn more about DeSo and the independent foundation running it, please visit

How can I buy DESO?

You can easily purchase DESO cryptocurrency in the Pearl app by heading to the 'Wallet' tab, verifying your identity, and connecting your bank account. You can sell your DESO back for USD at any time on Pearl and send it directly to your bank account. Outside of Pearl you can also purchase DESO on crypto exchanges like Coinbase and

How does Pearl use decentralized technology?

With Pearl, all posts, likes, and follows are submitted to the DeSo blockchain, an independent, open source, and highly scalable blockchain that aims to make social media more open and trustworthy. This allows Pearl to have a transparent content algorithm, while allowing users to maintain ownership of their content and data, unlike other social platforms.

How can I become a creator on Pearl?

‍Anyone can create a free Pearl account and immediately start creating content and connecting with other users.  

If you’d like an account with earning features, such as Creator Coins or the ability to create recurring Subscriptions, you must first verify your identity with our payments provider in the 'Wallet' tab of the Pearl app. This is required for security purposes, including preventing illicit activities. After your identity has been verified, you will be asked to provide bank account information so you can get paid. All of this information is confidential and strictly used for payment processing. Once you’ve successfully set up your account with these details, you can enable Creator Coins, Subscriptions, and more!

If you’re a creator who would like to chat about partnerships please reach out to

How can I monetize using Pearl?

‍We created Pearl so that more content creators can be paid for the value they create. You can earn on Pearl through:

• Subscriptions –  earn 80% of revenue from monthly subscriptions. You must enable subscriptions to start earning.
• Royalties – earnings from Creator Coins you own. You can earn Royalties when creators for coins you own start selling subscriptions.
• Creator Rewards – a 10% share of each of your Creator Coin sales. You must enable your Creator Coin to earn Rewards.

To set-up your account to monetize, head to your 'Wallet', verify your identity, and connect your bank account. Once you’ve successfully set up your account with these details, you can enable Creator Coins and Subscriptions and become eligible for Royalties.

How do I get started on Pearl?

1. Launch Your Own Coin
After signing up for Pearl, verify your identity and payment information to enable your Creator Coin. Your fans can buy your coin to show their support, connect with you, or back you.

2. Create Content
Post photos and videos publicly or, for more exclusive content for your biggest supporters, set up a recurring Subscription.

3. Earn With Your Fans
When your followers buy your coin, you’ll earn 10% of the sale from Creator Rewards, while your fans are rewarded with a stronger connection to you and your community, along with any perks you have to offer. Now, share your success with the people who love you the most.

How do I get paid?

You must first verify your identity with our payments provider in the 'Wallet' tab of the Pearl app. After your identity has been verified, you will be asked to provide bank account information so you can get paid. All of this information is completely confidential, and strictly used for payments processing. Once your account has been successfully set up with these details, you can start earning and cashing out.

After you’ve made some earnings you can cash out your DESO from your 'Wallet'. Select 'Cash Out', input the amount of DESO you’d like to withdraw (an estimate of the USD value will appear), and confirm the sale. After your transaction has been processed, you will receive your earnings directly to your bank account in up to 3 business days.

I have a Creator Coin now what?

Since Pearl users can buy and sell your coin, as a creator you want to do what you can to make owning your Creator Coin special. Remember, you can earn Creator Rewards which are 10% of the sale of your Coin. This is your chance to come up with unique ways to engage and provide value to your community of coin holders. Creators can send messages to their top coin holders, shout out holders in a video, grant access to a private Discord Server, or anything else you can imagine.

What are Creator Rewards?

Each time a user buys your Creator Coin, you earn 10% of the purchase price, known as your Creator Reward. Creator Rewards allow creators to earn from purchases of their Coins while the rest of the purchase value is owned by your fans.

Why do I need to input sensitive information in Pearl in order to buy DESO or enable subscriptions?

All users purchasing DESO and any users looking to withdraw earnings (from subscriptions or others), need to verify their identity with our payments processor. To prevent illicit activities, all financial institutions are required by federal law to obtain and verify information about you. Pearl does not keep any of your personal information, other than your email address used at sign-in for communication purposes. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

My identity was not immediately verified, what do I do?

If your identity cannot be verified immediately, we may follow up requesting that you try again or provide an alternative proof of identity. If you have any further issues, please contact

What kind of content is not allowed on Pearl?

Content restrictions are in place to help us protect our users and abide by third party platform requirements. Content that is intended to harass, threaten, demean, embarrass, or otherwise harm any other user is prohibited. Additionally, graphic, disturbing, and pornographic content are not allowed. Pearl has the right to terminate the accounts of users who violate these terms. For more information, please reference our Terms of Service.

How can I report inappropriate content?

If you encounter content that may be violating our terms, you can report a post by selecting the three dots on the bottom right of any postcard and selecting Report.


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